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Engineering and Our Expertise

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Electrical Engineering

A.R.G are affiliated with a specialist within the  Industrial Electrical Engineering industry to ensure that the Recruitment for our clients is world class. We are actively sourcing for Electrical   -

  • Water Plant Electrical Engineer

  • Warehouse Electrical Engineer

  • Distribution Centre Electrical Engineer

  • Aggregate Plant Electrical Engineer

  • Power Plant Electrical Engineer

  • Manufacturing Plant Electrical Engineer

  • Project Manager

  • Health & Safety Manager

Mechanical Engineering

We have recently been supporting a number of clients with roles where we have built a large network of - 

  • Mechanical Design Engineers

  • Manufacturing Engineers

  • Quality Engineers

  • Automotive Engineers

  • Industrial Mechanical Engineers

  • Plant Operatives

  • R&D Engineers

  • Project Engineers

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Robotics Engineering

With the increase of AI, we have also seen a large influx of Robotics roles which our specialists have been successful with the below roles - 

  • Robotics Engineer

  • Robotics Software Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineer (Robotics)

  • Electrical Engineer (Robotics)

  • Robotics Test Engineer

  • Project Manager (Robotics)

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